Area 3D is a multidiscilpinary technical study.

It was born from the union of different experiences: architects, engineers, designers, computer scientists, experts in 3D digital surveying, BIM design and 3D representation.

Our goal is to unveil the true soul of an asset, enhancing its potential.

Digital surveying is a way for us to unveil Beauty, to make it concrete and accessible, to communicate it so that everyone can experience it.

Since 1999, we have liked to be daring in our use of all aspects of three-dimensional.

Our experience has built on our understanding with our clients, our established agreement with the University of Architecture in Florence, and our collaboration with the Italian and European vanguards of computational design and parametric modeling.

We apply the three-dimensional method at all stages of project processing.

Survey by precision surveying, development, verification, project management in BIM and photorealistic representation.